Bank Shot 

Looking to elevate your shuffleboard experience? Look no further than our bank shot board, designed to take this classic game to new heights. Prepare yourself for a dynamic variation that will test your skills and provide an exhilarating game play experience.

Our bank shot board features a wider and shorter solid pine playing surface, accompanied by a central barrier that strategically divides the board into sections. This innovative design opens up new possibilities for gameplay strategies. You'll need to rely on skillful rebounds off the sides and rear of the board to navigate your pucks into the scoring zone. It's a thrilling challenge that requires both precision and strategy, keeping players on their toes and delivering an action-packed experience like never before.

With our bank shot board, every shot becomes an opportunity to showcase your talent and outsmart your opponents. The strategic positioning of the central barrier adds an extra layer of excitement, forcing you to consider new angles and trajectories. Get ready to engage in intense matches that will have you fully immersed in the strategic intricacies of shuffleboard.

Experience the rush of precision shots, the satisfaction of skillful rebounds, and the thrill of outmaneuvering your rivals. Our bank shot board is here to provide endless entertainment, ensuring that each game is filled with excitement and anticipation. Challenge yourself and your friends to master this unique shuffleboard variation, and let the competitive fun begin!

The Bank shot £99

66 x 40 x 3.4 cm 

All boards come complete with 8 wooden playing pucks, visit our customisation page to explore the wide range of options available. Once you've made your selections, simply fill out the order form to start your purchase. Create a personalised shuffleboard that perfectly matches your style and preferences with ease.