About us

The Barnes Shuffle experience

During the challenging times of the pandemic, when being confined within the four walls of our home for weeks on end was starting to wear us down, the incessant glow of the television and the endless hours spent on computer games left us yearning for more meaningful family activities.

That's when we turned to board games in search of a solution. However, time and time again, we faced the same predicament: most games were either too complex for our youngest child or too mundane for the adults. Frustration began to set in.

But then, a glimmer of hope emerged when we stumbled upon a shuffleboard video on YouTube. It was a game that combined true competition with an element of luck, allowing anyone in the family to emerge victorious. It looked to provide us with the joy of play without causing tantrums or disputes over toys. Inspired by this newfound excitement, we embarked on a mission to bring the shuffleboard experience into our own home.

That's how Barnes Shuffle was born. Over the following years, we've engaged in spirited matches almost daily. The kids have taken to challenging their friends, while the adults find themselves gravitating toward the Barnes Shuffle board as the perfect way to conclude dinner parties. As we built more boards for our friends and family, we realized it was time to share this joy with all of you.

So, here we are, extending a warm welcome to you. Experience the exhilaration of Barnes Shuffle and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Together, let's reclaim quality family time and embark on an exciting journey of friendly competition and endless fun.